Getting information about your case is critical to making informed legal decisions for your client. With LSP’s early case assessment technology you can find the most important information faster.

At the start of any matter one of the first questions that should be asked internally is “why pay to host irrelevant data”?  Our platform provides insight into the collected data population via metadata filters and full text analysis tools which enables our clients to make intelligent investigative decisions at the earliest possible stage.  The case team can see the impact of their proposed keywords, date, document type, and other filters which provides the opportunity to filter out irrelevant data while prioritizing the data that might be the most relevant.  This is all accomplished prior to incurring the burdensome expense of document review.

The data that is ultimately deemed important for review can be exported for loading into virtually any 3rd party review platform or seamlessly promoted into the review module of our platform (EDT).

Some highlights of our ECA capability:

  • Early filtering of raw or fully processed data
  • Real time filter reporting
  • Compliment to 3rd party Review platforms
  • Analytic tools available for use at no additional charge
  • Data hosting charges are not incurred
  • Collaborative access for your entire team
  • Fast access to most data formats