Forensics & Data Collections

Why You Can Trust Us

LSP forensic experts and certified partners are trained to handle all types of data collection from a single Gmail account to servers in multiple locations. 

The LSP Difference

Our staff will provide consultation to help you make the most informed decision as to the direction the collection should go within your budget parameters.  Whether it be on location, remote, or having the media shipped directly to our facility, LSP is equipped to handle your data collection needs. 

How We Leverage Technology

Technology has created a world where potentially relevant data is created and stored in smartphones, tablets, laptops, servers, cloud storage, social media, and even printers and other devices. 

Always Defensible

Detailed reporting, including a complete audit trail, ensures your data collections are defensible—every time. 

A Sample of What LSP Can Provide:

  • PC & Laptop Imaging
  • Network File Shares
  • Server Clusters
  • Back-up Tape Storage
  • Webmail
  • Exchange Server Email
  • PC and Laptop Imaging
  • Apple Mac Computers
  • Cell Phones and Mobile Devices
  • Raid Arrays
  • Unix & Linux Operating Systems