LSP applies our decades of experience managing billions of files along with some of the most powerful data processing and conversion technology on the planet.
No two sets of data are entirely the same. Unique file formats, corruption, encryption and application settings can throw a wrench into any project when you’re trying to find the documents most important to your case. This is why experience in data management is critical to E-Discovery.

LSP is leveraging technology made specifically for the purpose of litigation data to process volumes of data. We’ve chosen best-in-breed tools to ensure your deadlines are met with the highest quality output. When it comes time to create your production, we can convert your documents to all popular formats with appropriate bates numbering and data load files.

Unlike many of our competitors, LSP won’t ever charge hidden fees for services that should have been included. If your data collection requires special conversion or handling, we’ll consult with you about the best options available based on the needs of your case, rather than what’s best for our bottom line.

LSP can assist in creating your production in a variety of formats, including:

  • Tiff Images
  • PDF images
  • Native file production
  • Concordance format
  • Relativity format
  • Ringtail format
  • Summation format
  • CSV formatted metadata
  • A multitude of other load file formats