Case & Project Management

By leveraging our experts you gain access to decades of experience of being in the trenches for all types of matters.

cutting edge management

With the ever-changing landscape of any E-Discovery matter, real issues arise when faced with tight deadlines and daily decisions to be made involving data.  Through our collective decades of experience, LSP has developed workflows to manage cases both large and small.

Up to date practices

Every year there are new versions of phones, computers and software available for both consumers and enterprises alike. This creates unique challenges for the practice of law.  Whether it’s determining where the data is archived, the best way to organize documents for production, or formulating a plan to meet budget requirements LSP can offer guidance.

What We Offer

  • Case Consulting
  • Budgeting
  • Developing Data Maps
  • Locating Archived Data
  • Production Format Considerations
  • Early Data Assessment & Analytics